Hotboii Is Next Up From Florida

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Hotboii Is Next Up From Florida


Florida has been a hotbed for musical talent for quite some time now, and Hotboii is next up from the Sunshine State.

He’s a 20-year-old rapper, but without knowing his age, you might think he’s much older than that. His music details life experiences like being on house arrest, time in jail, and multiple deaths of friends, revealing a perspective on life that’s uncommon from people his age. Hotboii says a lot of his maturing process happened during his time in jail. “That shit slowed me down and showed me the value of life and the value of freedom,” he tells Complex, explaining that he wrote a lot of the songs that landed on his debut mixtape, Kut Da Fan On, while behind bars.

Hotboii represents Florida everywhere he goes. Everything from his hair to his permanent golds is a quintessential Florida look. “I’m proud to be a Florida boy,” he says. “I’m going to put on before anything.”

Being from Florida myself, I’ve heard his music nearly every day since the project dropped in May. People around here have genuine love for him, and I think it has a lot to do with how he comes across as an authentic person in his music. Hotboii’s breakout single “Don’t Need Time” comes from a real place, as he raps about his friend Wolph, who recently passed away. The music video, shot at Wolph’s funeral, has more views than anything he’s released to date.

Lil Baby recently took notice of “Don’t Need Time,” and hopped on a remix in late August. It seems this will be the first of many high-profile releases for Hotboii, since he has now signed a deal with Interscope and is slated to release a new single later this week.
Complex caught up with Hotboii to discuss his past and how it’s brought him to where he is now. To book a date with Hotboii contact