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Looking for a short term investment with high returns? Contact MTABooking has access to the hottest entertainment opportunities available in today’s thriving touring business. Our Agency works very closely with celebrities, artist managers, and record labels booking over 200 events yearly. Let us help grow your capital through strategically planned parties, concerts, or festivals. We offer entertainment in all genres from Hip HopR&B, to Country Music.

As reported on Pollstar.Com The concert industry had another good year as fans continue to buy increasingly expensive live event tickets while artists at every level became even more reliant on concert revenues as their primary source of income. It was a record year for the North American concert business with the total gross of the Top 100 Tours hitting $3.12 billion, which is up 14% over 2014. The 42.08 million tickets sold by just the Top 100 Tours is up 10%, which is also a record.

All of this comes with a record average ticket price of $74.25, an increase of $2.81, or 4%, over the previous year. It was also a good year for the global concert business with the Top 100 Worldwide Tours generating a total gross of $4.71 billion. That is up 11% over 2014 but less than the record $5 billion set in 2013. The total tickets sold worldwide by the Top 100 was up 16% to 59.78 million but that is still less than the record 63.34 million sold in 2013.

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