Breaking News: Gang Stabbed 50 Cent 7 times While In His Old NeighborHood

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Police said Curtis Jackson, also known as 50cent was Stab Seven times about 2 p.m. Tuesday on SouthsideQueens Jamaica just a few blocks north of Foch Blvd.

According to a police report, Curtis And His Bodyguards Went Up to a house near South 19th Street. They then stumble upon Five Guys With Red Bandanna Around Their Neck One of Them Say’s is That 50Cent, His Friend Said Yes! Fake A.. Rapper. Both Five Men Rush Towards 50 cent And His Bodyguards, One Of Them Pull Out a Kitchen Knife and Stabbed 50 cents 7 Times.

A close relative of 50cent said:” he was just visiting Old Friends But it Seems Like He’s Not Welcome Back In his Old NeighborHood”

Curtis Jackson Is in critical condition, the New York Hospital Queens in New York, where he is being treated said. His condition worsened from serious to critical.